A Little Phone Dump

Dear readers, I feel like I’ve been keeping something from you.  Unless you follow me on Instagram.  And then there’s no way you could have missed that I was in New York about a week ago.

30 rock

Ah, New York.

mall club

My favorite place in the world.


And I went with my favorite people in the world.


It was 72 hours of nonstop joy.

treat house

I exaggerate a lot.


But that’s not an exaggeration.

first date

We were there to watch our beloved Terps lose to UCONN, and then I stayed on for a pretty important birthday for Queen Cupcake.


And surprisingly, that was the only cupcake I ate.

city grilled cheese

Highlights included:

  • Finally tracking down a Milk Truck grilled cheese at Smorgasburg.  I added bacon.  Amazing.
  • Our little basketball crew finding our younger, UCONN counterparts.  It was like bizarre-o world.
  • Shake.  Shack.
  • All the prosecco with Sous Chef Lauren.  We closed down not one, but two hotel bars.
  • Plugging my iPod into an egg chair and having even more fun with SCL.
  • Watching Queen Cupcake achieve her lifelong dream of doing the splits.  That photo is not on the blog.  You’re welcome Queen Cupcake.
  • Going to Brooklyn each day of my 3 day weekend, if only because I doubt it will ever happen again.
  • Seeing First Date and cracking up over the guy who is too embarrassed to order a salad and the girl who is too embarrassed to order a burger.  Hello me and my husband.
  • Passing up at least four milkshakes over three days, and finally getting one at Penn Station after running for my life to get there.
  • Best.  Friends.  All the best friends.

AGOMYR sent me a text that said she was following along with my Instagram feed and she couldn’t help but notice this must have been my dream weekend.  She was totally right.

Every minute, every single minute of the weekend was spent doing something I love.

I smiled (and texted SCL) the entire way home.

And I’m still totally bummed we missed out on Ramen Burgers.  I have to think of them as my excuse to get back there soon.

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