What I’m Reading

  1. Sam Sifton’s Thanksgiving, which cost me and my Kindle a whopping $2.00 this weekend.
  2. Edie’s thoughts on hosting Thanksgiving without going crazy.  It’s not so much that her timeline resembles mine in any way as much as I love reading people’s to do lists.
  3. And I’m hitting the turkey-day jackpot with Saveur’s Thanksgiving Menu Generator.

sunday afternoon

Though perhaps what I should be doing is getting slightly more prepared for this, my favorite holiday, which is in THREE DAYS.

I have done 0 work to get ready for Thanksgiving so far.

Actually that’s not true.

I have spaghetti pie sitting in my refrigerator, so that our regular dinner is taken care of one night this week, so that I can prep some of my Thanksgiving dishes.

I still haven’t even fully thought out my contributions to our table.

I am responsible for green bean casserole, creamed corn, and desserts.

Wooden Nickels has requested apple crisp.

I need pumpkin pie.

I made a cheesecake last year that I’d better bring this year.

And Grandma Glass of Milk always made pecan pie.  I have no idea whether that was important to anyone.  But Grandma Glass of Milk isn’t there anymore. So the pie better had be.

But that’s all so expected.  I would love to make something a little different, too.  Any ideas, dear readers?

Thanks for walking through that with me.


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