What I’m Reading

One of the best parts of my Thanksgiving break was that I had time to catch up on my Internet.  I liked what I saw.


For instance:

I absolutely agree with the title of this article, though I just can’t make the parallel between Snape and Malfoy happen.

Tsh is asking her readers a question I’ve been trying to figure out my own answer to on The Art of Simple.

Vulture is covering 1998 in full, which is awesome, because a lot of great stuff happened in 1998.  And now we are privvy to what was going on behind the scenes.  Dave Holmes tells us what working at MTV was really like, a timeline of Titanic’s world dominance, and we finally get to find out how the Friends writers decided to pair off Monica and Chandler.

And if you’re looking for something to do with that last scrap of pie from the Thanksgiving Pie-fest that was 2013, you can blend it into a milkshake like it’s nobody’s business.  Because it isn’t anybody’s business.  They do this at Shake Shack in November, and if you missed it, you really should make your own.

While you enjoy your pie in milkshake form, take a minute to start some pre-holiday decluttering.  While this is by no means a comprehensive guide, I liked the tips on cleaning bookshelves.  In our forever house, multiple walls will be adorned with built-in bookshelves.  This house has 3, though I’ve managed to create another 2 makeshift shelves out of unsuspecting pieces of furniture (hello, kitchen cabinet, I’m looking at you).  That means we cannot keep all the books I want in the house.  That means I’ve had to part with books I’ve purchased.  Books that are like my friends.  Except when I’ve owned them for several years and haven’t read them.  Except when I read them, but they weren’t that good.  You get the idea, dear readers.  This is a great set of guidelines for deciding which books to keep, and which you really can afford to part with.

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