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day designer

I have had Whitney English’s Day Designer on my list of Etsy faves for years.  Years!  This year, I decided to treat myself and order one from the shop.  It arrived this weekend, and I actually sat with it on my lap for about 30 minutes before I opened it.  It’s just so pretty.  Can’t wait to start designing my days.

Dear readers, I’m going to get technical on you, but it’s all for a very simple purpose.  And the purpose is this:  I want you to know that buying pre-shredded cheese is not the way to go.  Neither is buying pre-ground meat, actually.  If you want the full science of this, read that link.  If you want things in over-simplified terms (my favorite way to learn all things), air is the enemy of flavor.  More surface area = more air.  More air = less flavor.

More evenings than not this month, I’ve been curling up by my TV, sitting under a blanket, and sipping hot chocolate, usually with a splash of Bailey’s too.  This Nutella hot chocolate from Clara Persis is gorgeous.  I don’t usually let myself keep Nutella in the house–too dangerous, but I might have to make an exception.

Speaking of beverages, this cafe in France is charging more if you’re rude.  Five times more.  Read what ended up happening with the regulars.  I love it.

Do you have those mile-markers where you tell yourself if this happens, I’ll have made it?  You know, like if I can quit my job and buy a Porsche, I know I’ve made it?  Yeah, I don’t have grandiose ideas like that.  Mine are all about the little things.  Like, if I can buy the stocking stuffers on a holiday gift list, I’ll have made it.  I loved the ideas from The Kitchn.  Especially the natural cutting board seasoning stick.  No joke.  This is a thing that I need for cutting boards and wooden spoons.  If they made one for cast iron pans too, I’d never want for anything again.  Yep, I have big dreams.

breaking bad

And finally, Larry.  Our little elf who has been up to no good this year.  We’ve been watching Breaking Bad this winter, and it seems like Larry got a hold of Heisenberg’s number.

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