If you’ve never made anything by Dorie Greenspan before, dear readers, then allow me to take this opportunity to suggest that you waste no more time in doing so.  And if you want to start with the best cookie you’ve ever had, make World Peace Cookies.

We all know that my husband is N.I.S. (not into sweets).  Our marriage is a true waste of my God-given abilities and talents.  And once a year he has a birthday and I don’t know about your house, but in my house there shalt not be a birthday that passes without a celebratory cake.

birthday cake

This year, I handed him Dorie’s Baking: From My Home to Yours, and let him flip through the cakes until he found one that suited him.  Berry Surprise Cake.  This did not surprise me.


Whilst making this cake for my one and only, amid a flurry of swear words at the number of components of the cake (there are 4) and the length of the directions (3 pages), I came across this direction, “The beautifully beaten eggs are fragile and must be treated like the divas they are.”

That, dear readers.

That is why you have to bake something by Dorie Greenspan.  It’s why you have to love her.  She is a wonder.  She understands the nature of baking like no one else in this world.

She talks you through each step of the recipe as if she was there with you.  And you know she’s made this cake more than once.  And you know the recipes in her book come from someone who understands what it’s like to be in the kitchen, cooking for someone you love.

Alas, I didn’t treat the eggs like the divas they were, and deflated them as I folded in the flour.  My cake didn’t rise nearly as much as it should have, so we had our slices of birthday cake, and chucked the rest.  But there will come a day when I tackle this cake again.  The recipe is too sweet not to.

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