What I’m Reading

We’re right up on the heels of Christmas, dear readers, which, if you’re anything like me, means your jeans feel tighter with each passing day.  Among other things.


With any luck it also means chocolate and peppermint are playing a large part in your life right now.  OMG, Tracy made cookies and cream peppermint bark and I want some right now.  I was going to use the white chocolate chips in my pantry for an encore batch of Rocky Mountain avalanche bars, but I could easily be persuaded.  And speaking of chocolate and peppermint, Joy the Baker gave the world a chocolate peppermint icebox yule log with chocolate whipped cream, and I am ALL IN.

CV(D) gave me some awesome Christmas cupcake liners and toppers.  And how convenient, as Sprinkles is teaching us which wines go best with which cupcakes.  Maybe I’ll get my act together in time to make them.

These brothers take a picture with Santa every year.  This is their 34th.

And finally, dear readers, if you’re snarkily inclined, please enjoy the 2013 hater’s guide to the Williams Sonoma catalog.  I love any- and everything Drew Magary, but this one is particularly up my alley.  My favorite are the muffins.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading

  1. I don’t think there will ever be a pairing that binds us more closely than cupcakes and wine.

    Don’t judge me for reading this on my honeymoon; the man is reading in the sun. I’m trying to protect myself indoors for the rest of the day (with a good view, though).

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