Best of 2013

Dear readers, we are officially at the end of 2013.  There is no better time to stop and look back on the best of 2013.  Click on the pictures to be taken to the recipes.  Cheers!

best indulgence_edited-1

Best Rainy Day Food_edited-1

best use of leftovers_edited-1

best family classic_edited-1

best boozy milkshake_edited-1

best fancy vegetable_edited-1

best everyday cake_edited-1

best breakfast for dinner_edited-1

(I cannot find where I told you about these?  Have I not told you about these?  I’m on it!)

best seasonal shake up_edited-1

best steak period_edited-1

best summer cocktail_edited-1

best underrated cookie_edited-1

best summer dinner_edited-1

best summer dessert_edited-1

I haven’t told you about these either.  Bad blogger!  Cut baguette.  Dark chocolate chunks, olive oil, sea salt, in the (toaster)oven for 7 minutes.

best cupcakes_edited-1

best passed down recipe_edited-1

best grilled cheese_edited-1

best food i didn't know i liked_edited-1

best canadian treat_edited-1

best embarrassingly easy dinner_edited-1

p.s.  We did this last year too. Remember?

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