What I’m Reading

I love/hate the word intentional.  I find it way pretentious when people use it, and yet, I love the way it sounds.  It sounds like you’re living the way you decided to live.  That’s a lot of what my year of celebrate is about.


Side note–I recently celebrated when I bit into one of these little Nutella pretzel haystacks from AGOMYR.  Based on my best Pinterest stalking, I think they’re a riff on these.

I’m trying to keep that New Year’s enthusiasm going throughout at least this, this first month of the year.  I did a major closet purge this past weekend, and started decluttering some of the horizontal surfaces in our house as well.  Hopefully these links will give you that next boost of energy to make it through the rest of January, without taking your eyes off those resolutions.

The Kitchn offers 10 Ways to Clean Your Kitchen Less Often and Enjoy it More.  I need to get better at wiping down the sink after each evening, and oh Lordy, do I need help with #7.

Here is a gentle reminder that these are a bunch of things we must stop saying in 2014.  I’m into all of them.  Especially the awesome.  Even (maybe) the yay.

Though I love lists more than anyone, I am wary of blog posts in list form.  But Maxie nailed this list of 10 little ways to push yourself in 2014.  One thing I’ve been trying to do is inch my alarm a tad earlier every couple of days so I have some time to drink that glass of lemon water, and write a bit each morning.  I like Maxie’s idea to have a dry month (I keep thinking I’ll do that, only to decide “I’ll start tomorrow.”), and to turn off social media, at least (for me) at night.

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