What I’m Reading

But really, this could be aptly named, What I’m Eating.

Because it’s quinoa.

A million times over.

My dinner life lately has been a giant heap of this or this over a bed of quinoa.  I cook up a batch over the weekend and eat it as the days go by.  I keep telling myself I need to branch out and find other ways to enjoy quinoa, because I’m sure to get sick of my favorite two meals before too much longer.  But they’re just so good.  They’re so easy.  They’re so right for dinner on a weeknight when your husband has class and all you want is to catch up on the TV you missed this week (hello Parenthood and Downton, I’m coming for you).


If you’re in the mood to break out of a quinoa rut yourself, try these dear readers.  I have the best intentions to do the same.

Fit for Success’s Quinoa Pizza Bites

How Sweet Eats’ Honey Chipotle Chicken Bowls

How Sweet Eats’ Chocolate Chip Blueberry Breakfast Quinoa

Foodie Crush’s Strawberry Quinoa Parfait

Elise’s Breakfast Quinoa

Food 52’s Guacamole Quinoa

Oh My Veggies’ Peanutty Quinoa Bowls

5 thoughts on “What I’m Reading

  1. OMG – is that a photo you took of the view?! Please print and frame, immediately. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. Congrats to Wooden Nickels & Mr. Wooden Nickels – use it well!

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