What I’m Reading


Cook it yourself.

This woman is fascinating, and her apartment is gorgeous.

The most famous book set in every state.  My sincere hope is that in the next several years, someone does better for PA than a book about a creeper/murderer.

Dear readers, this is one of the most important pieces of journalism of our time.  The Definitive Ranking of Baby-sitters Club cover outfits.  I’m glad I live in a world where this exists.

And on a much more serious note, the Internet is a crazy place, and people are brilliant.  Love this (and love Duolingo).

In my dream world, I am one of those people who takes the advice of food writers everywhere and roasts a batch of veggies at the beginning of the week.  Then I can slip them into soups, drop them over a bed of quinoa, or who knows what else.  I’m not one of those people yet.  But whenever I become one, I’ll know to use my dingiest pan to roast whatever vegetables are lucky enough to be in my life.

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