Gone Fishing

Back next week!

washi flags

When I promise I’ll tell you all about these little washi flags that complete me, and were the perfect companion on a Monday night with boring Olympic events.

olympic ring cocktails

In the meantime, please enjoy this list, because it’s been a while.  The verbs come courtesy of Pip.

Making : brownies for days
Cooking : tons of vegetables this week
Drinking : lemon water all day
Reading: this (and I just finished this)
Wanting : some j.crew basics (mine need updating)
Looking : forward to the three day weekend
Playing : QuizUp, thanks to SCL
Deciding : what to do with the rest of my life — nbd
Wishing : I could keep my inbox at 0
Enjoying : this challenge, which I’ve slacked on a bit lately
Waiting : for spring
Liking : the summer Olympics so much more than winter
Wondering : whether I want a Jawbone Up bracelet or a Fitbit
Loving : this song, which I heard on repeat Monday morning
Pondering : a couple new (to me) brunch locations
Considering : ways to eliminate even more stress from my life
Watching : Sherlock — whoa it’s good
Hoping : for one more snow day this year (greedy!)
Marveling : at totchos (tater tot nachos)
Needing : highlights something fierce
Smelling : Mrs. Meyers’ detergent on my clothes all day long
Wearing : my fair isle slippers
Following : as many pretty Instagram feeds as I can find
Noticing : the people who make my life run smoothly every day
Knowing : there is no such thing as too much sleep
Thinking : about how best to spend my free time
Feeling : settled
Admiring : people who figured out what really matters
Sorting : my kitchen cabinets
Buying : the cutest notebooks from Target
Getting : ready for a busy week
Bookmarking : Shauna’s words
Disliking : my car’s constant need for attention right now
Opening : too many tabs online each night
Giggling : whilst making up team figure skating commentary with SCL
Feeling : good about some simple changes I made at home
Snacking : on Goldfish mac and cheese
Coveting : glass storage containers instead of plastic — it doesn’t take much
Wishing : I had the time (patience?) to make more from scratch
Helping : with the dishes more than I’m used to, and not hating it
Hearing : so many good things about this book – I’m 328th in line at the library!

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