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tara and johnny

Here’s the part of the post where I hide my face in shame.  I mentioned the other day that I much prefer the summer Olympics to the winter games, but Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski are game-changers.  I cannot get enough of them.  Between the outfits, the Instagram videos, and their daily, and refreshingly honest commentary, I am so glad I got a couple snow days to enjoy them fully.

tara and johnny

My husband and I often (half) joke that marriage is about both parties being miserable.  Let me (try to) explain.  Say one of us wants Chipotle for dinner but the other doesn’t.  In fact, the other is craving Cava, which sounds almost offensive to someone who has spent half his/her day dreaming of a foil-wrapped burrito.  When these un-winnable debates arise in our house, we often opt for something else entirely.  Plan C, if you will.  That way, neither of us gets our way.  Neither wins, and we both lose.  In those cases, maybe marriage is about both of us being miserable.  Does that not make sense?  Then read this.  It’s the best writing on marriage I’ve read since this book (don’t judge it by its cover).

I always love Cup of Jo’s Weekend Links, and last Friday’s were no exception.  My husband worked from home on a recent snow day which means I had the pleasure of conference calls going on in the background of my day for quite some time.  The conversations sounded exactly like this web economy (apologies: language ahead) bullshit generator from her post.  I swear, nothing those people say means anything.

I’m on a bit of a brownie bender (more on that tomorrow, dear readers), and I am now looking for any reason under the sun to make Meg’s Salted Caramel Cream Cheese Frosted Brownies.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading

  1. As someone who has also been sucked into ice-everything (seriously, how many ice skating/dancing/whatever events can these people endure?), I will say that one thing I won’t miss is hearing the word “twizzle.” I do NOT like that word.

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