What I’m Reading

But this post would more accurately be titled, “What I’m Listening To.”  “To What I’m Listening?”  Whatever.

snowy drive


I have a nice little routine going on right now wherein I arrive home from work, head straight to the kitchen, and start dinner.  If I stop and take a minute to catch my breath, I’ll never get going again, so I keep moving.  But I need company in the kitchen, and now, more often that not, said company takes the form of a podcast.  I listen as I work and it’s like I’ve invited friends over to enjoy the process.  As I listened to two recent favorites, I found myself running to grab my notebook and pen to write down everything I heard these guests discussing.  Here are the highlights.

The Lively Show with Erin Loechner (Of Design for Mankind and Clementine Daily fame)

[on finding your passion] When are you at your calmest?  When are you feeling most at peace?

Our muscles atrophy when we do the same thing each and every day.

The Art of Simple with Shauna Niequist (Who wrote this book that I love, and who also writes this blog)

[on entertaining] Letting the food be great or terrible, letting the space be great or terrible, and letting the experience that people have, letting it be more about them being seen and being known, and listened to, and fed.

There was a friend that I really cared about and I really loved and I realized at a certain point that I had never seen her without her makeup on.  And I was like, wait a minute, what?!  There’s something about the way we’re relating that says to her…I don’t know if it was her or me or a combination of both…I need the people in my life to be make-up-free people.

If you want perfect food, there are restaurant chefs making extraordinary things, and they’re so good at it, and they’re so gifted.  Nobody’s coming to your house for that.

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