What Are Your Staples?

mastering the art of french eating

Dear Readers,

We’re headed into a weekend, and no matter how many times I scroll through Pinterest I keep coming up short in the dinner inspiration department.  Actually, let me clarify–the practical dinner inspiration department.  Pinterest is the place to go for meals I want to make, but it’s not always practical to make them on a weeknight.  I’m short on time next week, with engagements most evenings.  Yet I’m pretty tired of the same-old fare.  What do you make after a long work day?  What do I try next?  Nothing is beneath me.  All suggestions welcome and most-appreciated.



p.s.  Today is Sous Chef Lauren’s birthday!

3 thoughts on “What Are Your Staples?

  1. My comment is a little irrelevant to your post, but in the photo you included, is that the Kate Spade Little Minka bag I see in the background?? I recently bought the same bag but in blue and ahhhh I adore it so much! 😀 What a coincidence haha

    My boyfriend does a lot of cooking, and his favourite thing to do is chuck ingredients in slow cooker at the beginning of the day before uni, so when he wants to eat dinner, the food has been cooking all day and is all ready for him to eat. Perhaps using a slow cooker could be your answer? 🙂

    ♥ Michelle/MICHALOGY

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