What I’m Reading

the bacon sink

I’m going to say it, and if you hate me, and never read this blog again, I’m okay with it.  Sheryl Sandberg is driving me insane.  I’m bossy; I am.  I am a leader, I am assertive, and I have little to no patience for a lot of life, so when I put those two assets of mine together, sans time for anything, I = bossy, and that’s okay.  There’s a time and a place for bossy.  And I have never felt bad for being bossy.  And I have never been held back for being bossy.  Nothing has ever been kept from me because sometimes (most times) I can’t keep my mouth shut.  Don’t bossy people rule the world, anyway?  On a related note, Recline, don’t Lean In.  Let’s just all take a big, deep breath.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  I love libraries.  I hope I can do something remotely close to this one day.

Cup of Jo has three ideas I’m dying to try, but I feel weird doing either of the first two.  One is a strange blemish-reducing trick. When I’m stressed, my face explodes, so though I have no shortage of opportunities to give this a go, I’m hesitant to be anywhere near anyone for 24 hours after pulling the trigger.  The other seems like it would be weird and awkward on the one hand, but on the other, you’re just doing it alone, and who would even know?  And the third are these four-ingredient Nutella brownies that need to be in my life, stat.

How are you, dear readers?  What does your week look like?

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