The Five Friends Every Woman Should Have

You’ve seen this, right?

It comes from Raluca State, who writes for Huffington Post and runs the blog, What Would Gwyneth Do?  I spend so much time on her blog.  This is a woman who knows things.  I am a woman who hopes to know things.  So I benefit from Raluca’s writing all the time.  See also, Big Deal or Little Problem, and 10 Tips for Loving Life (and Yourself) in your Thirties.


(real life friends!)

But back to these friends you should have.  When I saw the title of her post, I figured I’d hear all about my girlfriends, and spend some time assigning some of the cast to the neat little boxes Raluca created.  I was surprised to read the first friend on the list is not a girlfriend at all, but a male friend.  Raluca.  Sometimes you read my mind.  I have never had much patience for girls and their drama, so throughout my life, I’ve had a couple male friends who offer, “a point of view on life and all its troubles that my girlfriends simply can’t offer up.” Love them.

And more importantly, have you read about Kate and Leo’s real life friendship?  This is why you need a male friend.

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