The Saga Continues [brownie batter peanut butter swirl oatmeal]

In my never-ending quest to become a person who likes oatmeal, I tried another version.

oatmeal ingredients

Do you see these ingredients?  How could it be bad?

brownie batter peanut butter swirl oatmeal

Of course there are chocolate chips, too, because if I am committed to liking oatmeal, then consider me equally committed to putting chocolate chips in each batch.  Even this one, which is next on my list.  We could replace the sunflower seeds with chocolate chips, right?

This oatmeal was fine.  It didn’t wow me.  I think I am trying to get oatmeal to be like couscous in that I expect it to pick up the flavor of whatever liquid in which it boils.  Boil couscous in chicken broth and it adds flavor.  Boil oats in (almond) milk and…?  Not much difference between that and water.  Am I wrong?

I also wonder if I’m using too much liquid.  I swapped out the regular oats for steel cut, which the box tells me takes more liquid.  So I added more liquid.  But was that wrong?

Dear readers, in lieu of a recipe, please accept this rambling post about my inability to cook oatmeal.  Apologies if I’m boring you, but I feel like I’m almost there.  Like I almost like oatmeal, but there’s still a little something standing in my way.  Tips are welcome and most appreciated.

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