What I’m Reading

It’s time for another food edition of What I’m Reading.

(this is a fresh batch of croutons)

Love Jenny’s time-lapse dinner story here.

This cheesy chick flick popcorn will happen soon, and its cousin, the dusty cheddar potato croquette might be the perfect complement.

I always manage to bookmark the more indulgent recipes on healthy blogs. Hello, cauliflower and brown rice gratin from Sprouted Kitchen.

I have a container of ricotta I need to use up, which likely means sausage and kale stuffed shells are going on the menu this weekend.

That said, my weekend eating is often at weird times, and involves many snacks.  So I’m bookmarking this chocolate banana smoothie as another option.  If I want to take a photo of it, I’ll leave the greens out.  If I need something filling, in they’ll go.

Oh’s would make a great place to start as far as cereal milk ice cream is concerned.

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