What I (Still) Don’t Do


It seems only fitting that I follow up the List of Awesome with another (hopefully) annual Glass of Milk tradition.  The What I Don’t Do list.  If the former list is my ode to the little things that make life grand, this latter list is an ode to letting go of perfect ideals and cutting myself some slack.  Cathy made one of her own recently, and I am forever inspired by the words Whitney writes.

This year’s list is on a much smaller scale than last year’s, but it’s valid in its own right.  These smaller choices make have made just as big an impact in my life.

jeni's ice cream

I don’t say no to ice cream.  Ever.

I don’t keep my house clutter-free.  This year I am attacking the clutter I’ve amassed over the past 10 years of real adult life with fervor and passion, but it’s also not realistic for me to expect that my house will ever be free from clutter.  It just will not.  I love stuff too much.  Or maybe I just amass it too fast.

I don’t buy books.  At least not until I’ve read them first.  I used to be one of those people who needed to own a library’s worth of books, and I had a weird thing about loving on the actual copy I read.  Until I filled a huge Expedit (RIP) with books, couldn’t stop buying new ones, and couldn’t keep up with reading the ones I already had.  Moving into a house with one built in bookshelf helped me pare down and realize that if I hadn’t read a book since I purchased it in high school, I may not read it ever.  On the other hand when I read something I absolutely love, something I know I’ll want to come back to again and again (like this book), I’ll buy it after I’ve read it and find a home for it on my shelves.  But that happens rarely.  Rarely do I read something I have to own and keep forever.  Which helps explain my undying love of libraries.

I don’t make my own coffee.  It would save me money.  It would take less time than running to (my favorite) Starbucks that is a couple minutes past my place of employment.  But they know me, and I like them, and I go almost every day.  I love it, it’s my thing, let it go.

I don’t DVR.  We don’t have it, so not only do I not do it, I can’t do it.  We used to have a hand-me-down TiVo, but it wasn’t HD-compatable, so as we upgraded our TVs, we dropped it along the way.  This little change was amazing in that it greatly reduced the amount of stress in my life.  I used to TiVo every episode of The Barefoot Contessa, and every TCM movie I was aching to see, and then feel like getting through everything on TiVo was a giant to-do list item.  I’m pretty sure watching TV is not supposed to be a stressful part of life, and when I realized TiVo was the boss of me, I quickly readjusted.  We do have Netflix, which gives me no shortage of shows to binge-watch, so it’s not like I’m trying to be noble here, nor am I deprived.

I don’t keep up with the news.  This one does pain me a little, because I would love to be intelligent in this way, and hold my own in conversations surrounding current events.  But reading The Skimm every weekday morning has done wonders for my ability to at least tell the truth when someone asks if I’ve heard about the situation in insert war-torn country here.  I have heard of it, I Skimm’d it.

Let’s hear it, dear readers.  What don’t you do?

3 thoughts on “What I (Still) Don’t Do

  1. “. . . when I realized TiVo was the boss of me. . . .” This made me start laughing out loud. Good one. And good links to other articles–I tried to clean my oven door recently but it seemed like an enormous amount of work. Very excited about decluttering your childhood home–it sounds as if I can just take all the 3,000 cartons of books and also empty out the Expedit that’s still here and donate all those books to one of your beloved libraries? Hooray!

  2. No DVR?! How did i not know this about you? It’s probably for the best. I’m already getting panicked (read: anxious) about the fact that we need to make sure our DVR is clear before we make the big move and lose our cable boxes. Thank goodness for ABC on demand, ABC.com, HuluPlus, and Netflix. In unrelated news, I may need a TV intervention – maybe the HIMYM crew can have one for me!

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