What I’m Reading

antipasta lunch

Warmer weather is finally in our sights, and the open-toed shoes I keep reaching for each morning are reminding me that my feet are in desperate need of some attention.  I love Lauren Conrad’s list of mani/pedi pairings.

How Clutter Affects Productivity.  Ugh, I have so much clutter.  And this article is enabling that.

Chanel No. 5 perfume costs $38/ounce, while Hewlett Packard printer ink will set you back up to $75 for that same small amount.  This is the story of how a teenager figured out that switching the font to Garamond on printed papers can save organizations thousands of dollars.  I love smart people.  At least a couple of designers, however, say it isn’t going to work.  Haters gonna hate.

I read about the 10/10/10 Rule in the January issue of Real Simple, and while I haven’t tried it yet, I think it’s promising.  I’ll keep you posted.

Tracy made vanilla almond milk and I’m temped to give it a go.  I’ve had two recent kitchen fails though, which always shake up my confidence.

And for fun, Can You Tell These YA Books Apart?

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading

  1. Thanks for sharing the “How Clutter Affects Productivity” link, it was an interesting read! I like the idea of just having one folder on the computer desktop home screen; I have a billion things there atm, it’s rather crazy. I’ve already read the font switching saves ink article (it came up on my fb newsfeed), and thought it was a neat idea.

    ~ Michelle

  2. “Everyone’s tolerance for clutter is different”– aka, it’s okay for me to live in a state of organized chaos. My piles work for me, they’re not clutter 😛

    Also, having not read two of those YA novels made me either a Hufflepuff or an adult in that quiz. I’m alright with both.

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