What I’m Reading

pink in dc

10 Female Shoes and What They Are Trying to Say Each one is funnier than the next.

Maybe I’m the last to find out, but you can live at an American bookstore in Paris.  Holy amazing!

This wooden recipe box has been on my list of Etsy faves for ever, and now I’m loving these postcards from the same store.  You know how I feel about sending snail mail.

Sherry at Young House Love wrote a post about why they’re going to chill a little on their blog.  Because their blog has grown incredibly, and maybe it doesn’t need to continue to do so.  Maybe they have enough.  She put so much thought into the why of it all, and I’m grateful she shared.

Stacy London, of What Not to Wear fame, wrote a beautiful piece on how the fame game has changed in the last ten years.  It’s not necessarily anything we didn’t know, but it is flawlessly articulated.

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