Eye Candy

My husband and I have joked about our trip to New England.  He says I need to warn my Instagram followers right before it’s coming because they’ll be inundated with pictures of quaint, picturesque towns.  He’s totally right.  Just unfollow me now.  Even looking for potential hotels is enough to make me giddy with excitement.  We have a couple places picked out already, and some other gaps to fill along the way.  How anyone planned a trip before Pinterest is beyond me.


The Omni Mount Washington, New Hampshire (source)

ocean house

Ocean House, Watch Hill, RI (source)

ocean edge.

Ocean Edge Resort, Cape Cod, MA (source)

woodstock inn

Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, VT (source)


Wentworth-by-the-Sea, Portsmouth, NH (source)

stone house

Stone House, Little Compton, RI (source)


Nonantum Resort, Kennebunkport, ME (source)


5 thoughts on “Eye Candy

  1. While you are in the northeast, I will be camping/hiking/stargazing in the mountains of the southwest. I’ve been told the same advice, to warn people to unfollow me now. But between the two of us, I think we’d make for a damn beautiful instagram feed.

  2. I didn’t have instagram on any of my three trips up north, and my trips were very different than yours, so I for one cannot wait for your insta feed.
    (yours too, AGOMYR, that’s on my list of places to go with my adventurous husband!)

  3. Wow, you have inherited an avoidance of bed-and-breakfasts–very smart! Who needs to talk to other people in someone’s kitchen before you’ve had 6 cups of coffee? Everything looks gorgeous, and don’t forget Basin Harbor Club in Vergennes, Vermont. (Wooden Nickels has not been there, but is related to people who have!)

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