Where I Find Books

First there are the obvious sources.  Goodreads, Amazon, and the shelves at the library.

But there are other places I head when I want to add to my (insurmountable) list of books to read.

anthro books.

Blog posts.  People who love to read love people who love to read, have you noticed that?  Though they’re not book-centric, many of the blogs I read daily pop in with book reports from time to time:  Elise, Ali, Joy, Joanna, Carly, and one of my favorite go-tos for books for grown-ups and kids alike, Jenny and Andy at Dinner, A Love Story.


BookTube!  I found BookTube a couple months ago and oh man, I am obsessed.  There are all these YouTube channels out there for people who love to read.  These YouTubers are always popping in to review books, show off their beautifully curated shelves, and to share their TBR (to be read) lists.  When I posted my recent blathering about library books, YouTube pointed me in their directions.  I love the channels from Bookables, A Book Affair, and The Book Diary.  But there are channels out there for every interest under the sun.  Find the one that makes your heart sing.

harry potter.


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