A Moment I Loved

Shauna hosted a giveaway on her blog recently, in which she asked her readers to share a moment they loved.  I thought it was a sweet little idea, and now you, dear readers, get to hear about one of mine.


I came home from work the other day, and, like I so often do, changed into my yoga pants and set out on a walk for the library.  I put books on hold constantly, and rarely does a day pass where I don’t have something arrive just for me.  The flowers were starting to bloom, and the sun was starting to set.  I think it was the magic hour.  I made it there and back, and when I got home, I turned my two slipper chairs to face each other, opened my back door to let some fresh air in, and sat down to read.  I didn’t have my phone anywhere near me, so there were no pings and dings and Instagram feeds to distract me.  All I had was a book and a big glass of lemon water.  It was bliss.


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