Flavor of the Week [asparagus and whipped ricotta pizza]

CV(D) caught on to my always-keep-pizza-dough-in-the-freezer strategy, and now she has me running to Trader Joe’s to not only pick them up for myself, but also for her.  Love it.  Anything for a friend.

Trader Joe’s pizza is a great go-to dinner option, when you need something quick, and you have several ingredients lingering in the fridge.

asparagus and whipped ricotta pizza.

This is not news.  I’ve shared it before.

But pizza is one of my very most favorite foods, and we eat it a lot, so here I am again, extolling its virtues.

This (more or less) was our most recent flavor combination.

Roll out a Trader Joe’s pizza crust.  Dump whatever is left of your favorite ricotta into a bowl and whisk till it’s silky smooth.  Spread on the dough.  You could totally top this with a half cup or so of shredded mozzarella cheese, but I showed restraint here–demonstrating a new skill of mine in the kitchen.  Mince a couple cloves (2?  3?) of garlic and throw on top of that.  Top pizza with a bunch of chopped asparagus, some sliced Prosciutto, and, if you’re my husband, olives.  Throw some grated Parmesan on top of all that if you’re in the mood.  Again, I held off on that here–who am I?  Bake according to the directions on the pizza crust, or your favorite pizza making method.

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