What I’m Reading

palladian blue kitchen.

(Oh heyyyyy new kitchen color – Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue, you’ve changed my life.)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Tara Whitney.  She is the most brilliant photographer, and one day, when, much like the Frazier family, I have a small army of children, she will take our pictures and they will be my most treasured possessions.  You know, nbd.  I have followed her blog for ages.  AGES.  She was one of the first I read.  What she captures, when she captures families, is nothing short of amazing.

Chill might be one of my favorite words in the English language, and this post confirms it.

I was doing so well until I read #5.

Loved reading John and Sherry’s interview about their showhouse in Richmond.  If you missed the room tours on their own blog, they’re sharing them over time.  Here are two.

I posted another couple of Netflix suggestions recently, but here are a couple more.  I can personally vouch for the last two, and I’m glad the first is online now, because I missed it in theaters.

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