Though my one little word for 2014 is celebrate, if one is allowed a secret, second word, then mine is most certainly challenge.


I have never, not once, been one of those people who arbitrarily decides to tackle certain challenges for set periods of time…until now.  I have no idea what has come over me, I only know that something has, and so here we stand.  January-February was #60DaysofLetterWriting, March – June was a ban on shopping, and now for something new and unrelated.

 #Book A Day

I follow The Nerdy Book Club because I love what everyone over there has to say about kids and reading.  When I saw their Book-A-Day post, I knew I had found my next endeavor.  The premise is quite simple.  Read a book a day in the summer months.  Their rules are simple and straightforward because the point of this isn’t to read the most or read the best or read the smartest.  The point is to read.  The point is to get to that place where you’re turning pages without even thinking because you’re totally in the zone.  You know, that place where you forgot there was a day happening around you because you’re in your book.  I love that place.  I spend most of my summers in that place already, but this is a little push to do a little more.  Will I actually finish a book each day for my 63 days of summer?  Likely, no.  Will I pick some short books intentionally so that I up my total?  You betcha.  Like I said, the goal isn’t to read the best literature, it’s to read, period.  And I can’t wait.

romance is my day job.

I’ll let you know how I’m doing over here on a weekly basis, but you can always catch me on Instagram, too.

2 thoughts on “#BookADay

  1. It’s the third day of break (I’m not counting Monday), and I’m 5 books in. Of course, they’re all 5th grade books, but I’m still counting it as a win. Looking forward to seeing your reads as inspiration for my own goal of getting to know my county’s public library a little better this summer 🙂

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