What I’m Reading

muskeget salad.

Oh man, I feel like I always have this awkward freeze-up when I’m meeting people and I never know how to greet them.  Are we air-kissers?  Huggers?  Fist bumpers? (Kidding! I am never a fist bumper.)  I used to high five people up and down the halls of my high school–what a lame-o.

And while we’re on a BuzzFeed binge, Sous Chef Lauren sent me 43 Mean Girls Quotes that we can pretend Kate Middleton said.  #YouCan’tSitWithUs

I found myself rolling my eyes straight through NYT’s piece on Instagram envy.  This is news?  That girls are jealous of each other’s donut pictures?  We all went to middle school, and we all know mean girls doesn’t end in middle school.  However, because I’m a deep and complicated person, I loved WSJ’s take on “shelfies.”  Which is probably because I love a good shelfie, as evidenced by everyone I follow on Instagram.

What emojis do you always use?  I find a text isn’t complete till I’ve added the sobbing face, winky-kissy face, or the smiling poop, with the salsa lady or two dancing cats for good measure.  Sorry if that’s an overshare.  This Tumblr explains people’s lives based on their most recent emoji usage.


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