Listing: The Road Trip

sandwich, mass.

We’re back.  Once work wrapped up for me in the middle of June, my husband and I put the car in drive and set off on a whirlwind tour of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. The best way I think through just about anything is by making lists.  When my husband and I are out, I’m always asking him, “What’s your favorite thing we did today/this week/since we’ve been together?”  It drives him crazy sometimes, but I’m a linear thinker, through and through.  Our absolute most favorite moments of the trip were the times we spent with our friends–visiting family friends we don’t get to see enough, and meeting up with some of our DC crew who were up north at the time.  Other than that, see below.  It was a whirlwind tour and we loved pretty much every minute of it.

towns we visited.

  1. Nantucket, MA
  2. Kennebunkport, ME
  3. Woodstock, VT
  4. Hanover, NH
  5. Burlington, VT

things we saw.

  1. Harwich Mariners game, Harwich, MA
  2. All of Nantucket from the top of the steeple at First Congregational Church, Nantucket, MA
  3. Covered bridges in Woodstock and Quechee, VT
  4. George and Barbara Bush (et. al.) out to dinner in Kennebunkport, ME
  5. The boardwalk, Sandwich, MA

souvenirs we bought.

  1. Tacky postcards*
  2. Christmas ornaments
  3. Water bottles (not really souvenirs, but man are they worth their exorbitant cost on a hot day)
  4. Spirit Jerseys
  5. New flip flops after I wore down two pairs I brought

meals we ate.

  1. Dinner at Comida, Camden, ME
  2. Dinner at Pizza Barbone, Hyannis, MA
  3. Breakfast at Captain Fairfield Inn, Kennebunkport, ME
  4. Dinner at Simon Pearce, Quechee, VT
  5. Lunch at Smoke House, Newport, RI

beers we drank.

(as ranked by my husband)

  1. Newport Storm Amber Ale at Smoke House, Newport, RI
  2. Lost Nation Rustic Ale at Simon Pearce, Quechee, VT
  3. Cisco Whale’s Tale Pale Ale at our friends’ house on Nantucket, MA
  4. Mt. Washington Amber Ale at Bretton Woods, Mt. Washington, NH
  5. Funky Bow Saison at Abbondante in Kennebunkport, ME

things i packed.

  1. Long sleeved t-shirts and dresses
  2. Postcard stamps
  3. 1 small suitcase and bag; 1 large suitcase and tote
  4. Cash**
  5. Only one pair of earrings and one necklace

ice cream stops.

  1. Morano Gelato, Hanover, NH (better than Italy; best I’ve ever had)
  2. Th’ Ice Cream Barn, Middle of Nowhere, ME (Actually, Belfast, ME)
  3. Maple Creamee Stand, Burlington VT (you can find them everywhere)
  4. Toasted Coconut ice cream (Giffords) at a random little shop, Woods Hole, MA
  5. Cold Fusion Gelato, Newport, RI

sandwiches we ate.

  1. The other turkey sandwich at Provisions, Nantucket, MA
  2. BLT at Black Dog, Vineyard Haven, MA
  3. The Duke at Joe Beez, Kingston, NY
  4. Chicken Panini at The Village Butcher, Woodstock, VT
  5. Barbecue Chicken Wrap (though my husband would argue it’s the brisket sandwich) at Smoke House, Newport, RI

stations we loved.

(all on Sirius)

  1. 90s on 9
  2. On Broadway
  3. Lithium
  4. Classic Rewind
  5. Coffee House

hotels where we stayed.

  1. Our friends’ house in St. Alban’s, VT
  2. Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, VT
  3. Hartstone Inn, Camden, ME
  4. Bretton Woods Resort, Mt. Washington, NH
  5. Captain Fairfield Inn, Kennebunkport, ME

books i read.

  1. Maine – by J. Courtney Sullivan
  2. Nantucket Blue – by Leila Howland
  3. Gilead – by Marilynne Robinson (though I’m not finished yet)
  4. A Tangle of Knots – by Lisa Graff
  5. Love, Aubrey – by Suzanne LaFleur

The notes:

*Wooden Nickels’ aunt had a little tradition in which she would seek out the tackiest postcard she could find while on vacation, and send it to her friends.  Wooden Nickels, her aunt, and I shared in this merriment for years, and though the aunt is no longer with us, we’ve passed this tradition on to a couple friends of our own.  It is SO FUN not to look for a charming photo of whatever cute town through which you are passing, but instead look for the worst a souvenir shop has to offer.  Buy postcard stamps before you leave, throw them in your wallet, and you’ll be sure to get them all in the mail, too.

**Driving through New England took us to a lot of small towns and independent retailers.  I loved this and realized it’s a big piece of my hometown that I miss living here in DC.  A lot of these places however, don’t take credit cards.  Cash is a must.

2 thoughts on “Listing: The Road Trip

  1. Love this! The tacky post card circuit was actually started by our friend Kathy, who was the most fun person ever and died in her 40s. She started this idea by sending a post card with a photo of one of the Jersey Turnpike rest stops–and this was long before the rest stops had clean rest rooms, Starbucks, Burger King, etc. Wooden Nickels LOVED this idea and passed it along to her Aunt Cecile, who took it and ran with it.

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