What I’m Reading

bridge pic.

I took this picture completely by accident as we were driving over a bridge and I completely and totally love it.

Mauricio Estrella’s passwords have slowly but surely been changing his life.  I totally want to try this.


When it comes to making small talk, I could not be worse.  If I’ve only met you a handful of times, I apologize, but I will be at almost a complete loss in terms of what to say to you.  I like the idea of throwing this question out there.  I’d love to say I’d travel, but I think the honest answer is clothes.  I just did a bang-up job of spending my way through two weeks in New England, and I think it’s time for me to put myself on a spending freeze for another month or two.

In other, clothing related news, I own one of the dresses Joanna posted was awesome for summer (ergo I must be awesome).  Not surprisingly, it is the blue and white striped dress.  I have approximately 8 billion blue and white striped dresses and I would buy approximately 8 billion more.  This is another blue and white striped item that would be hanging in my closet already if I wasn’t putting myself on a spending freeze starting yesterday.

LOVE this post from Cup of Jo as well.  I am such a touch-er (that sounds so weird), always tapping people on the back or reaching out for an arm in conversation.  Must be my inner French lady.

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