Cocktails {sidecars}

All of you non-Type-A-ers out there know what you’re doing, don’t you?  At least, when it comes to summers.


In the past, my summer lists have been chock full of FUN THINGS that I MUST DO.  Pretty sure that making any sort of to-do list in the summer is illegal.  Or, any to-do list with FUN THINGS.  FUN THINGS shouldn’t be on to-do lists to be crossed off as fast as possible.  They should be done because the mood is right and because you intend to enjoy them fully. That’s more what I was going for with this year’s list.  I wanted to kick my Type-A tendencies to the side and see where the summer took me.  I wanted to set an attitude for the summer and see if I could keep it up all 10 weeks.

So far so good.

When my husband and I sipped blood orange margaritas on the fourth of July (a new annual tradition I fully embrace), I asked if we could spend the rest of our summer trying out new cocktails.  He was game.


I’m not counting that as adding to my list.  I just want to drink more cocktails.  No specific plans for what they are, what’s in them, or how many I have to make.

We started with Elsie and Emma’s take on the sidecar. I didn’t have sweetened lime juice, so I made a batch of simple syrup (you can do it, dear readers, it’s called simple for a reason…boil 1 C water, add 1 C sugar, stir till dissolved), and added a squeeze of the fresh stuff.  We don’t have mason jars at home, but I hoard Bonne Maman jam jars like, well, it’s my jam, so I shake my cocktails in those.

To make one drink, you need to:

Combine 3/4 ounce triple sec, 3/4 ounce bourbon whiskey, 1/2 ounce sweetened lime juice (make your own or buy one—I used Rose’s brand), a small squeeze of lime juice in a small mason jar seal, shake and pour over ice. Garnish with a lime wedge.

3 thoughts on “Cocktails {sidecars}

  1. It’s a classic, but have you ever had a Tom Collins? They are wonderful for summer. If that’s a new one to you should consider putting it on your non-existent list of cocktails to try this summer.

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