What I’m Reading

It’s time to focus on food, dear readers.  While I told myself I would not turn this summer into a giant to-do list of nagging projects I wanted to finish, I had a hard time not amassing millions more recipes I want to make RIGHT.  NOW.  Here’s the latest batch.

steak night.

“Truly, boozy milkshakes are seriously under utilized.”  Truer words have never been spoken.  Bourbon salted caramel milkshakes, hi.

I never cared about Funfetti from the box at all, but now I can’t stop thinking about it.  That’s weird, no?
My husband has flank steak on lockdown (and it’s pictured above), so I hope he doesn’t get too mad when I inevitably make this.  Because butter!
It’s no secret that I totally fear the pie crust, but I am all about trying this galette with RICOTTA IN THE DOUGH!
Can we go old school and make a Pioneer Woman recipe?  Ree’s Oven BBQ Chicken seems just right.
Gaby made this bruschetta bar that you must have seen by now because I think it was a rule that you had to Pin it as soon as you saw it.  About once a summer we have a dinner in which I purchase a baguette, slice it, and pile on the detritus from my refrigerator.  This is much more intentional way to create that dinner.
I’m all about everything Caprese in the summer, but this tomato and baked polenta salad looks like a twist I’ll have to try.
Joy’s One Pot French Onion Pasta is going on the table for dinner this week, because it will use up lingering ingredients, and also, because caramelized onions.

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