Four Things


With our last move, I was beyond excited to have stairs.  I remember having lived in apartments for 4 years, and never being more than a wall away from my roommates.  I was beyond lucky in my roommate adventures, but sometimes you just need space.  Thinking that I might be on the second floor of our house while my husband was on the first felt like a dream.  It seemed like we would be worlds apart.

This time around, there are four things I can’t wait to experience.  And none of them requires living in the house to make happen, which is great, as we’re not going to be there for quite some time.


1.  Trick Or Treaters

After 4 years living in an apartment and 4 years living on a busy city street, I am SO ready for trick-or-treaters come Halloween!  I have never loved Halloween as an adult holiday, but I’m all about the kid side of things.  I plain to stock up on bags and bags of candy, and I already have a couple friends lined up to come over and help me pass it out/eat it all ourselves.  That’s what Halloween is all about, right?


2.  Christmas Lights

Dear readers, do you want to know a fun fact about this new house of ours?  It’s almost identical to the house I grew up in.  I joke with my husband that since he couldn’t take me back to Philly, he bought me the house I loved there, here.  The awesome thing about this is that I have already put up Christmas lights up in a house just like this.  No time wasted trying to figure out how to make the set up work here, I’ve got it on lockdown.  We’ll see if my husband is brave enough to climb up on the roof with me when the time comes.

3.  A Garden

This is one that I’m slightly nervous about, actually.  I am counting on Wooden Nickels to lend me her green thumb to get things up and running in our front and backyards once we have a bit (cough, TON) of tree work done.  I have quite the black thumb, so hopefully I’ll get the hang of keeping plants in the ground alive, because plants in pots have always eluded me.  My dream, though, is that one day I’ll be able to run outside to cut peonies and hydrangeas, and stuff them in vases all over the house.


4.  Outdoor Lights.

Remember this post?  It’s going way (way, way) back in the archives, but I have never forgotten it.  And now it could totally become a reality.  I am going to string our backyard with so many little globe lights, it’s going to be ridiculous.  Did you see that Jordan Ferney launched Bright Lab Lights just the other day?  I love the sorbet strands, and I am counting down the hours until it reasonably makes sense for me to invest.  Between her lights and Elsie and Emma’s tutorial for how to hang them, I should be all set. Who wants to come for dinner outside in the yard of a house I don’t live in yet?


One thought on “Four Things

  1. Lovely! Glad you’re so excited about moving into your new/old house! Wooden Nickels would be happy to throw some hydrangeas and peonies in the ground for you. In fact, I already have some that I can transfer to Zone 7 (I’m in Zone 6, you’re in Zone 7–let’s start with the basics). ♡♡♡

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