On Eating Well

If I learned anything after two weeks on the road this summer, it’s that we eat well at home.

Never mind, I knew that.

But this trip was a sweet reminder.

fish tacos.

I texted AGOMYR, who had just completed a road trip of her own (albeit on the opposite end of the country), about 4 days into our journey, and I asked her for her tips on road trip eating.  How could I do this trip without ballooning up to 250 pounds?  She wisely told me to keep eating, and when I got tired of that, eat more.  She offered eloquent advice about food and bathing suits (see it here), and I kept on trucking through New England, searching for green smoothies so I could at least pretend like I tried to be healthy.  Spoiler alert:  Ali found me one.  But it was all about the chicken sandwiches, and meaty main dishes, and very few vegetables and even fewer fruits.  And when we were finished with our trip all I wanted was a giant salad.


So we picked up salads, made to our specifications from a local market, and chowed down upon our return home.  They were disappointing.  They tasted like salads would taste if you drained the ingredients from a can and used ingredients that weren’t in season.


Dear readers, I am not a foodie.  But I am a food snob.

It doesn’t have to be local, nor need it be organic, but it must be made with thought and care.  Things always taste better when they are.

(This post totally contains truths of my life, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I didn’t make a lot of what’s pictured above.  Now that we’re living with my in-laws, I’m not making as much food as I used to!)



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