Samoas Cupcakes

And for my next trick, here are some more cupcakes.

I’ll pause while you all take a collective gasp.

samoas cupcakes.

Yes, September is packed with birthdays, and today’s winner picked something Samoas-inspired.  Which was great, as I have had these in the back of my head for about a year now.

They are every bit as over the top as you might think, though I took some liberties with the recipe because I was exhausted and not thinking straight when I made them.  I forgot to put the cookies on the bottoms of the cupcake tins, so I just dunked the top part of the cookie in ganache, added the coconut/caramel topping to the cookie, and “drizzled” chocolate on top.  I thinned out the ganache with milk twice, and it still wasn’t as drizzley as I wanted, so the chocolate drizzles became more like chocolate blobs.  But you know what?  These still taste amazing.

They are absolutely time consuming to make, and absolutely worth it if you love Samoas and can’t wait for Girl Scout Cookie season before enjoying one for yourself. Happy Monday, dear readers!

One thought on “Samoas Cupcakes

  1. My birthday is in 11 months. Please start planning, since apparently the idea for the cupcakes needs to take shape in the back of your head for a year! But I don’t want to know if you were exhausted when you made them or whether they were so time-consuming. I’m worth it, as are all the September birthday girls! ♡♡♡

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