Celebrate – Day 1

me in a boat.

Okay, dear readers, here we go.  I’m blogging.  Every day.  In October.  It’s an idea I stole from Nester.  This is her 6th (6th!) October of writing each and every day.  But here is my caveat.  There may not be a picture here every day.  Because do you really need a picture if it’s something unrelated?  Something like me sitting in a boat filled with plants?  There will be nothing Pinterest-worthy.  This writing will mostly be for me, but I’ll publish it for you too, because there’s value in that. And because I’m going to write about celebrating, and that seems too fun not to share.

I kicked off 2014 with the best of intentions, knowing I wanted to celebrate as much as possible, but then, as so often happens, I forgot that having an over-arching intention means working at making things happen.  Ugh, working.  I just want to celebrate.  Stay tuned…


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