Celebrate – Day 3 (Or, On Instagram)

Approximately 823 years after everyone else in the world joined Instagram, I followed suit and promptly fell head-over-heels.  I was in the midst of a 4-day trip to New York, and I spent half the time picking the perfect filters for hundreds of images.  I also took my first selfie.  An addiction was born on that trip.


But it’s no secret that Instagram is not perfect, and one must approach following someone with a healthy dose of skepticism.  No matter how beautifully-styled someone’s image, the life that comes with it is far from perfect.  I don’t know this because I know everyone I follow, I know this because I know that no one’s life is perfect.  Instagram doesn’t always show that side.  And dear readers, let me tell you that it is vital to get that message across to the twelve year olds in the world.  But I hope it’s something you know.


But I hope you know that Instagram can be used for good.  It can capture moments, and fleeting ones at that, worth remembering.

One thought on “Celebrate – Day 3 (Or, On Instagram)

  1. I hope the time I Instagrammed having to deplane and stand near wailing sirens is a point for me in not only Instagramming the good in my life!

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