Celebrate, Day 7

After a week of posting daily, I don’t feel anymore in the swing of things, but I do feel like this celebrate word I’m supposed to carry out for a couple more months has a tad more meaning.

I spent January – February celebrating letter writing.

I spent March – May celebrating less.

And I spent June – August celebrating reading.


Up through my Book A Day challenge, what I was celebrating fell in my lap.  I read about something someone was doing online, and knew it connected perfectly with my own life.  That’s the power of the Internet, isn’t it?  But nothing has grabbed me lately (save for the idea of a capsule wardrobe), and we’ve been knee deep in renovation details and decisions, and here I sit, on day 7, realizing that I need to decide what to celebrate between now and the end of the year.  I can’t just wait for it to fall in my lap.

Without delving too far into the depths of despair here, dear readers, life has not been spewing rainbows and sunshine at us over the last month or so.  And yet, it has gone on.  Days pass, one after the other, and I am going to work, and baking cupcakes for people’s birthdays, and frantically trying to find papers before heading to the MVA to switch my registration and plates over to a new state for what I can only pray is the last time.  Life goes on.  (Ob-la-di, ob-la-da.)

So I’m pondering my word celebrate, before charging ahead into the last couple months of the year.  It wouldn’t be right to let another blogger give me the inspiration for this final push.  It has to come from me.  Stay tuned, dear readers…


One thought on “Celebrate, Day 7

  1. Celebrate the nice people who greet you at Starbucks every morning. Celebrate this gorgeous fall day. Celebrate that your favorite restaurant is actually a parking lot. Celebrate that you have two parents who love you. Celebrate that you have the most important and the best job ever. Celebrate that you knew what was important when you got married–not the ring, not the wedding, but (say it with me . . .) THE GUY! Celebrate Barre. Celebrate that you were once a 5th grader. Celebrate that you inherited the cooking gene from your grandma. Celebrate . . . well, just celebrate! ♡♡♡

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