Celebrate, Day 9

Allison is asking 31 bloggers 35 questions in 31 days.  I am not one of the bloggers.  But I liked the questions.  Here are my answers:

 1.  A bit about yourself.  Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the suburbs of Philly and never thought I’d leave.  And now, over ten years later, I find myself entrenched in the suburbs of Maryland, renovating a house that looks practically identical to the one I grew up in.  I’m complicated.

2. Main subject of your blog?

Cooking, food, and the stories behind my life and what I make.

3. Was a design background something you were interested in when you were young?

My dream was to be an interior designer.  Sous Chef Lauren and I used to spend hours perfecting the designs in my Playmobil house.  Her work on “The Red Room” is legendary.

4. Fall or spring?

For the flowers, spring.

5. If you could have a different profession, would you?

If money were no object, I wouldn’t work another day.  Because we’re about to pay for a giant renovation, no, I like the job I have.

6. If so, what would that be?

I still think being an interior designer would be amazing.  If I worked with clients who shared my exact taste and style.

7. What style do you usually post about?

Ummm, something to do with piping icing?  I think this is n/a

8. What is a style that you are drawn to, but isn’t part of your normal material to talk about?

Hmmmm.  Again, n/a

9. East Coast or West Coast?

East coast girls are hip.

10. Main go-to colors?

Navy and grey and pink and white.

11. Color combo’s you have been dying to try?

Blue with yellow.  Maybe.  I don’t know if I can betray navy and grey and pink and white.

12. Antiques or new pieces of furniture and decor?

Antiques, given the time and energy to shop for them.

13. Avid DIY’er or would you rather buy it finished?

I would love to be a DIY’er and I am so not.

14. Favorite Music to work to?

It changes with the season.  Fall is for Pearl Jam.

15. Early Bird or Night Owl?

Either, so long as I’ve had plenty of sleep.

16. Eat in or Go Out?

Eat in!  Invite friends!

17.  Coke or Pepsi?

No soda for me.

18. Carpet or Hard Flooring?

Hardwoods downstairs, carpet in bedrooms.

19. Country you want to visit?

Norway.  Again.

20.  What do you do to unwind?

Watch mindless TV, which is a terrible idea.  Scan Instagram, which isn’t much better.  Go to barre when I’m doing it right.

21. Who is your Design Icon?

Sarah Richardson.  Whyyyyyyy aren’t your shows on in America anymore?  And it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include my main girls Carolina Herrera and Ina Garten here too.  For different design purposes.

22. Outside or Inside?

Inside.  Or at the beach.

23. Piece of work that still makes you proud till this day?

I don’t know that I’ve ever produced a “piece of work.”

24. What is the movie that you can watch over and over and it never gets old?

The Wizard of Oz.  Gone with the Wind.  And if you’d like to round out 1939, Ninotchka.  But also Bringing Up Baby.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Meet Me in St. Louis.  A League of Their Own.

25. Favorite Social Media Platform?

Instagram forever.

26. What movie character do you think you identity the most with?


27. Cupcakes or Cake?


28. Best gift you have ever received?

My engagement ring.

29. Best gift you have ever given?

I don’t know.  I thought long and hard about this and I came up short.  Gift giving stresses me out, so maybe that’s why.

30. Would you rather talk to or text someone?

Talk on the phone or text?  Text.  Talk in person or text?  Talk in person.

31. Coffee or Tea?

Iced Grande Caramel Macchiato, please.

32. One thing you cannot live without?

Iced Grande Caramel Macchiato, please.

33. Favorite type of flower?

Peonies!  And hydrangeas.  And ranunculus.

34. Best thing about this year?

Our new house.

35. What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming months?

Decorating our new house.

One thought on “Celebrate, Day 9

  1. EXCELLENT! How about those wedding cupcakes for your piece of work? Or your project on fairy tales for middle school? Also the way you arranged your books in your room in PA–that’s a pretty serious design statement. 🙂

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