Celebrate, Day 10 (or, On 5 Years)

wedding high five.

I remember being told “October is the new June” about 8,000 times throughout the planning process.

I remember finding the most gorgeous dress 3 days before the rehearsal and without one second thought, scrapping what I had planned to wear.

I remember giving out gifts during the rehearsal dinner and bursting into tears talking about how much I loved the people in our wedding party.  I love the people in our wedding party.

I remember Cari Faye running around and hugging my husband about a zillion times between that Friday and Saturday.

I remember standing up on the steps at the front of the church, trying desperately to listen to every word, but spending too much time thinking how much my feet hurt.

I remember looking out at an entire pew of my coworkers sitting together and getting choked up when I realized that where I work is special and not everyone loves each other that much.

I remember when the band introduced the bridal party, and my fellow Terps wanted to recreate the opening lineup introductions for a basketball game.

I remember dancing with Pops.  So glad we went with a fun song.

I remember being served immediately any time I came within 20 feet of the bar.  I remember thinking I should drink while wearing a long white dress more often.

I remember trying so hard to slow down and take it all in, right before being whisked off for something else.

I remember that Pops; and Wooden Nickels’ toasts made me both laugh and cry.

I remember being bummed that we got the flavor cake my husband picked for our slices, not the flavor I picked (Don’t worry, I ate the entire top layer over the course of a week about a year later.).

I remember a moment in the reception where I realized that the people we loved most in the world were all under one roof with us.


10 thoughts on “Celebrate, Day 10 (or, On 5 Years)

  1. Bride bunny! Great memories. I remember that day as the first day I truly understood what it meant to be genuinely happy for other people. Xo

    Ps- I also remember hugging C at every possible moment I could.

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