Celebrate, Day 14

Over the weekend, we hosted our first shindig at the new house.  It was amazing in that I’ve discovered the secret to no-stress entertaining.

Empty your house of every single item and ask people to bring stuff.

the secret to entertaining.

We said we’d supply pizza and bottled water if our friends brought everything else.  Tables, chairs, plates, glasses, flatware, napkins, beverages, salad, and dessert.

When I entertain under normal circumstances, I balk at the idea of people bringing things.  I may ask for a bottle of wine, or an easy app like cheese and crackers, but I like to give off the impression that I’ve got things under control.  And in truth, I do.  It doesn’t stress me out to prep for parties; I like the process.

But there was something freeing about this.  Something that made me feel like maybe, just maybe we could have people over every week if it was this easy.  I mean, I think eventually we’ll at least provide the table and chairs.  But maybe not much more.

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