Celebrate, Day 19

Or, I love a long weekend

whale's tale pale ale.

This one was a revelation.  I’m used to an annual trip to New York each fall.  It tends to be filled with all my favorite people, places, and things.  And this year it isn’t happening.  And that’s a bummer for sure because if there’s one thing I love more than New York, it’s New York in the fall.

vineyard vines maryland hat.

But I sort of got my New York weekend.  This weekend.  Here.  In Maryland.  This is a huge deal.  Maryland and I have a love/hate relationship in which it does nothing wrong and I hate it anyway.  But now it’s kind of official that I live here, and I have no choice but to embrace it.  Aside from buying obnoxiously preppy items emblazoned with the flag, I’m even starting to like life here.  I think I could even get used to it.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate, Day 19

  1. This post makes my heart happy. We are fall-tripping to NYC next month. Send me a list of places you need me to visit. Xo

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