Celebrate, Day 20

I’m throwing a disclaimer up here at the top of this post, because I have to show you where I stand.  Dear readers, I get to design a kitchen.  And I am so excited to do it.  But please don’t think I have an endless budget, and can put anything I want in the square footage I have to work with.  I’m just a girl with a Pin button and a dream.  And a husband who is tracking our spending like there’s nothing else he’d rather do (there may be some truth in that).

But here I am anyway, putting everything I love right here in this blog post, so that when all is said and done, I can look back and see how the real space compares.

farmhouse sink.

First of all I’m going to have a pantry.  And you may be wondering what that has to do with a farmhouse sink with a gorgeous window on top.  But dear readers, that pantry means I don’t need (to pay for) as many cabinets.  And that means I can put windows on top of my lower cabinets.  Let the light in!  (source…I couldn’t get back to the original blog)

This is the layout our kitchen will have, and I’m super into the idea of a sink on the island, and another at the counter for the heavy dish-doing.  (source)
I love the look of the runners on either side of the island here.  This also reminds me of Ina’s kitchen with that vaulted ceiling that is to die for.  But our kitchen won’t have that.  (source)
backsplash wall?
The idea of taking tile all the way up one of the walls is appealing, but it would have to be some killer tile.  (source)
double wide.
I’m totally into a butcher block counter on the island, for aesthetic and practical purposes.  But do you think it’d be too high maintenance?  I love that built-in cookbook storage no matter what.  (source)
I don’t think I’m brave enough to paint all the lower cabinets this deep, deep blue,  (source…again, can’t find the original)
navy island?
but I could do the center island in navy, a la Young House Love (RIP, source).
back of the pantry.
I think that’d pair so well with a pop of yellow on the back wall of the pantry.  That has to happen. (source)
f yes.
And the idea of glass-front cabinets makes me giddy, but do I have enough cute kitchen paraphernalia to store in them?  (source)
I can’t wait to get started on this particular aspect of our house-building.  Obviously, the kitchen will be white–the cabinets, the walls, #allwhiteeverything.  And the floors will likely be a deep, dark, cherry-ish wood color.  It’s going to be so rich.  It’s going to be so great.

One thought on “Celebrate, Day 20

  1. LOVE the dark blue cabinets on the bottom, and they would probably hide all the dribbled-coffee stains that are currently on my white cabinets! Good thinking, Glass of Milk. Be daring!

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