Celebrate, Day 21 (or, I Love Barre)

One quick glance at the blogs I read on the regular, and it’s quite clear I’m getting hit over the head with the message “Enjoy the Everyday” every day.  And mostly I love it.  Because I’m totally into that idea that every day may not be great, but there’s something great in every day, and Pinterest-y quotes like that.

But on some days, it’s a challenge to enjoy the little things; some days are tough.

And on those days, it’s imperative that I hit up barre.

I heard about barre from Elise, who got Queen Cupcake started on it.  Then Ali went this summer, and like the next domino in the line, I fell.  I’ve been barre-ing it up for about a month and a half now and it’s not just that I love it, it’s that I don’t remember life before it.

I love barre because it works parts of me that I hate working on my own.  I will run, or walk, or bike, or zumba, or engage in any kind of cardio you can name.  But toning up muscles?  Ew!  I should do crunches and push ups at home, I should.  But I find it so mind numbingly boring to do so and I haven’t figured out a way to stick with them through the pain.  Oh, the pain!

Enter the best hour of my day.  And I go almost every day.  It’s a great workout, it’s a great atmosphere, and I can’t recommend it enough.  If you’re thinking it’s expensive, you’re right.  If you’re thinking it might be worth it, you’re also right.  Give it a try, dear readers.  I guarantee if you’ve had a frustrating day, you’ll leave it all behind after you’ve hit the barre.

One thought on “Celebrate, Day 21 (or, I Love Barre)

  1. AD complemented my ledge (not that he knew that’s what he was complementing). I was hooked after one class, but seeing results after only 5 means I’m never leaving (or something like that). It’s quickly becoming my after work happy place. 🙂

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