Celebrate, Day 24

One day late, but CV(D) was not happy when I combined two posts into one last weekend.  So the goal is to get two up and running today.

Only I’m not sure if I’m celebrating stuff or less stuff.  I am going shopping.

In case you haven’t been hit over the head with this message already via this blog and Instagram, we bought a house.  And I’ve alluded to what that means for us at the present moment, but let me spell it out clearly for you right now.

In July, we bought a new house

…and we started packing our old house.


In August, we put our old house on the market

…and we kept throwing things out.

In September, we closed on our new house.  Nine days later, we closed on our old house

…and about one-third of our belongings ended up being given or thrown away, while two-thirds went into storage with a prayer that when we went to unlock the unit in 9-10 months, we would have completely forgotten most of what we put in there, and realized we were living without it for so long, that we could continue to do so forever and ever.

So while we currently live in a house that will hold us over until our house is renovated and gorgeous, we live with less.  (If you saw the house we’re living in now, you’d laugh that I call living there living with less.  But it is less of our stuff.)

And I’m reading books and blog posts, and queuing up documentaries on Netflix all about living with less.  So I know it’s possible because I’m sort of doing it and there’s plenty of evidence that everyone else can do it.  And it makes sense.

But today I’m going shopping because one thing I’ve learned in this process is that I still have clothes I wore in high school.  That was 12 years ago.  And I have tons of jeans and cute tops, and nice dresses from my wedding-going days, but I barely have anything to wear to work.  So despite trying to live with less, I’m going out to buy more.  Here’s hoping my purchases are focused on what I need, and not what’s cute, or on sale, or in my favorite color.  Wish me luck, dear readers.



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