Celebrate, Day 25

Oops, never got that second post up yesterday.  Don’t worry, I’ll get caught up soon.

The more you praise // shutterbean

Tracy posted this today and it’s a fave.  This quotation is one of the first things I pinned when I decided I’d be celebrating 2014 (though Tracy makes it look way classier in front of this photo).

I’m still trying to decide what’s going on with the word, namely, how much work does it take to celebrate something?  If I stop and recognize something in a moment, am I truly celebrating it, or am I being grateful?  I think the latter.  I think I’ve been doing a lot of the latter and not enough of the former.  Time to get on it.

One thought on “Celebrate, Day 25

  1. It’s actually an easy distinction. “Grateful” is stopping and recognizing. “Celebrating” involves a champagne glass.

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