Celebrate, Day 28

Or, it’s all about balance.

Look CV(D).  Two posts.  One Day.

The other day I decided that celebrating is not passive.  It’s active.  Celebrating takes doing.

fall tree.

But you have to reign it in sometimes.  You can’t celebrate 24/7.  It’s not possible.  There needs to be time to rest and recharge.  Time for self-care.  It’s a balancing act, always.  A while back, I was on a quest for white space in my life.  You know, space without plans, or to-do lists, or agendas.  Space to binge on Netflix or curl up with that book that finally came in from the library.  I had that this weekend after about three straight months of running around.  It was glorious.  I caught up on Scandal, I walked to town for froyo, and I got to go shopping for as long as I wanted.  It was a dream.  And now I’m ready to tackle the next three months.  Bring ’em on.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate, Day 28

    • It was ooooo-kay. I think because I waited for it so long I had expectations it was going to be the best book ever. But I read her blog, so I thought a lot of it was similar. If you don’t read her blog, it might be new for you.

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