The Story of Today

On Wednesday, I was super-inspired by Elise and Ali (I am often super-inspired by Elise and Ali).  Elise blogged about telling the whole story, and Ali told the story of her day as part of her Week in the Life series (which I’ve tackled in years past).  It got me thinking about my own day, and the small stories that made it whole.  Dear readers, there are a ton of words below.  I will take no offense if you skip right through them, on your way to whatever posts lie below.  But I am so happy to have taken the time to write them down.  This is my normal.  This is my everyday.  And it’s everything that I got it captured here.

11 bags.

The story of today is a 5:45 wake up because my husband had an early meeting for work.  There’s only one day a year when I will willingly wake up at a time that starts with a 5, and that’s the day I have to get on a bus departing for Williamsburg at 6:45.  Two 5 a.m. wake ups in one month is ridiculous for me, but it let me get to work early and get a lot accomplished.

The story of today is Starbucks because the story of any day I am at work is Starbucks.  It started 10 years ago as a treat for surviving cold weather, and has slowly become part of my daily routine.  My drink of choice has gone from a peppermint hot chocolate, to a mocha frappucino, to an iced vanilla latte, to a caramel macchiato.  A solid hit of sugar and caffeine first thing in the morning.

The story of today is 27 zany children who were super-hyped for Halloween.  This led to a change in math plans because I foresaw a major lack of focus.

The story of today is a farewell lunch for a beloved coworker.  She is such an asset to our workplace and I am sad to see her go.  I know we’ll promise to keep in touch, but only time will tell if that will hold.  Of course, a farewell lunch means so many more treats than I had planned for today.  And the story of today is not a trip to barre.

The story of today is a good 15 minutes spent reading out loud from one of my favorite books.

The story of today is getting picked up by my husband, who had a long, and tedious day, and walking over to our new house to drop some things off.  We passed some of my favorite teenagers, who I am always happy to see.  They were playing manhunt around the neighborhood.  My husband commented that he can’t believe what a community-feel our new neighborhood has.  It reminds me so much of where I grew up, and nothing makes me happier.

The story of today is buying 13 bags of Halloween candy, and panicking that it won’t be enough for tomorrow.  This is the first year in a decade I’ll have trick-or-treaters, and I refuse to be the house who has to go dark because we ran out.  I texted two other neighbors to see how much candy they buy for Halloween.  They confirmed that 13 bags really might not be enough.  I am trying so hard not to need a Costco membership, and this is not helping.

The story of today is finishing dinner up quickly so I could get to work making these.  I got a later start then I wanted, but I promised them to my coworkers, and it’s not feasible to get them freshly baked any other morning.  Besides, bacon!  I dragged my feet getting started, and the dough didn’t rise like it was supposed to (I think it was too cold), but as I kept going through the recipe, I remembered that I love shaping things with my hands.  Cross your fingers for a good breakfast tomorrow.

The story of today is a late night, getting a blog post up for the day, and catching up on emails with old friends.  But it also involves a last-minute Halloween party invite, and some time alone by myself.  Time for a quick couple of chapters with this book, and it’s off to bed for the night.

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