In Which I am Oprah

I love a party with a gimmick (not to be confused with a themed party–those I despise).  I’ve hosted my share of Friendsgivings, ugly sweater parties, and cookie swaps.  It’s my dream to host an Oscar party one day.  One day.  In the meantime, a great group of friends has decided that in anticipation of the holiday season, we will have a favorite things party.

Are you picturing this?

Dear readers, watching her still makes me weepy.  It doesn’t matter the episode.  Oprah is my spirit animal.

The premise of this party is not, unfortunately, that we shower each other with iPads, cars, tennis bracelets, and the like.  The premise is that we each bring a favorite thing for each guest in attendance.  There are 6 of us, so we’ll all leave with five things we never knew we needed, yet may come to wonder how we ever lived without.

caramel brulee.

Like the caramel brulee latte.


The only pressure is I have no idea what my favorite things are!  I mean, I know why my favorite things are, but which of my favorite things might become theirs’ too?  A little background for you:

Out of the six of us–

  • Half of us are moms
  • Four of us are teachers
  • Most of us are readers
  • Half of us are runners
  • Some of us enjoy cooking
  • Most of us love a good manicure

So I’m racking my brain trying to figure out what it is I love so much that I have to share, Oprah style.  Thoughts, dear readers?  What are your favorite things?

4 thoughts on “In Which I am Oprah

  1. Jennie, I’m having the hardest time with this! Plus, what is my favorite thing for $5! Fingers crossed I come up with something by the 6th. Good luck (unless you’ve already figured this out.)

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