November Reads

november reads.

Inspired by Elise’s November Book Report, I’m here today with one of my own.  I have finally figured out how reading fits into my new normal, and I’m so glad it’s back.  Note to self: reading is almost always more worthwhile than TV.

Just Read:

Landline, by Rainbow Rowell

Because Rainbow Rowell.  I’ve now read Eleanor and Park, Fangirl, and Landline, and enjoyed them in that order.  I had gotten about 100 pages in back in September, and then my library due date came up.  This was sitting on the shelf the other day, so I grabbed it and picked up where I’d left off.  I moved through it quickly, but didn’t connect with the story as much as I have her other two.


Listening for Madeleine, by Leonard S. Marcus

Because man, do I love A Wrinkle in Time, and because I love learning about the lives of writers.  This one has mixed reviews on Goodreads, so I’m approaching it with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Want to Read:

Yes Please, by Amy Poehler

Because I’ve read Tina Fey’s and Mindy Kaling’s books, and this seems like it would complete the trifecta.  And because I have milennial-guilt about having no interest in Lena Dunham’s book.  This seems like an appropriate substitute.  I’m 98 on the hold list at the library, so don’t look for this in any kind of December update.

8 thoughts on “November Reads

  1. I feel guilty about wanting nothing to do with Lena Dunham’s book too…but I just can’t.

    Amy’s book was delightful & is currently wedged next to Mindy & Tina’s. I loved it.

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